The Advantages of Waterjet Cutting for Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Since 1950s, waterjet cutting has already been around. The first person who used this device is Dr. Norman Franz, he is a forestry engineer by profession and was discovering a better method to cut lumber from big trees. Ever since then, it has dramatically improved and proven to be a very effective way for cutting materials that are flat such as aluminum and stainless steel. Examine the knowledge that we shared about water jet cutting and  read more  here!

A waterjet utilizes high pressure water's stream to clean or cut flat materials. A waterjet is always joined to a water pump that has a high pressure with its water expelled from a nozzle, which could then cut the material because of very high water velocity. In addition, additives in the configuration abrasives could be helpful in the cutting process.
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Here are several advantages of utilizing waterjet cutting for aluminum and stainless steel:
Waterjets' power - initially it is normal that you would not expect any power from water especially as a cutting tool; waterjets are designed to capably cut through stainless steel for at least eight inches and aluminum plate for at least ten inches.

No heat - the method of waterjet cutting is the most preferred way for cutting materials that are known to be sensitive to high temperatures. This effectively minimizes the properties of heat because it has no heat-affected zone or HAZ, this permit metals to be cut without doing damages or alteration on the materials' surface being cut.

Very precise - waterjets are indeed a very precise tool of cutting; they can attain any accurate rate of 0.005" and a 0.001" repeatability. Also, waterjet is not only precise for cutting aluminum and steel but it also gives a burr-free outcome. This eliminates the necessity for minor surface finishing in a lot of instances, which obviously saves additional expenditures.

Speed - when a waterjet cut materials, they are very efficient and very fast. Here are some reason why:

1. The time for set-up is only short

2. The process of cutting is swiftest than any other methods

3. There is avoidance of re-cutting due to high accuracy rate of waterjets.

Environmentally friendly - waterjet are tools that are referred to as green technology. There are no related harmful waste products in the cutting procedures. Moreover, since big chunks of recyclable scrap material could be cut off, the waterjet could prevent wastes that occur whenever traditional cutting procedures are used. The waterjet only needs very little amount of water. In fact, only a half-gallon up to one gallon is utilized each minute. The amount needed is dependent on the cutting orifice size. Learn more about water jet cutting at .